Roger Clemens

All eyes are on Roger Clemens today as his trial began in Washington, D.C.  This post will not go into the facts or legal arguments surrounding this trial. 

This post is about my personal knowledge of what Roger Clemens is doing in the middle of one of the most stressful periods of his life.  The trail will be in recess, for approximately one week, beginning on the afternoon of April 24, 2012.  “The Rocket” will be returning home to Texas.  On April 27, he will be in Austin, Texas helping raise money for the Lone Star Paralysis Foundation.

This was not a commitment Roger made before knowing he would be in the middle of the trial.  He was asked to help out just a few weeks ago, and he confirmed his commitment late last week.  He is doing this without fan fare.  He is doing it because he is deeply committed to charitable causes. 

Bill Engvall is the host of the Lone Star Paralysis event in Austin.  Many of his comedian friends will also be in attendance, as well as, a who’s who of former University of Texas football stars.  Doug English is very active with the  Lone Star Paralysis Foundation.  While the real stars are the doctors, researchers, care takers, and victims of spinal chord injuries, Roger Clemens’s star will shine extremely bright this Friday as he donates his most valuable asset, his time, to help out. 

I want to thank Marty Barrett, former Red Sox 2nd baseman, for helping me recruit Roger to participate in this event.  The Rocket is one Texan who will be standing extremely tall this week.