Emanuel Steward

            This last week was not a good week for the City of Detroit.  Their baseball team, the Detroit Tigers, were swept at home in the World Series.  But Detroit suffered a far greater loss on Thursday, when native son and ambassador for the Motor City, Emanuel Steward, passed away. 

            “Manny” was one of the greatest boxing trainers, just like Eddie Futch, who also was  from Detroit. 

            Emanuel’s accomplishments with Kronk Boxing and other champions are well documented.  He also launched the boxing careers out of the ring, too, i.e. promoters like Bill Kozerski and managers like Jackie Kallan and Prentiss Byrd.

            Manny knew how to motivate people.  This was an important attribute as a boxing trainer, but he also used his ability in everyday life.

            In 1984, I was 6 years out of law school.  At that time, Emanuel Steward was an established and respected trainer, who was recognized as one of the greatest trainers in the world.  I was very proud when he asked me to do legal work for him. 

               Manny asked me to come to Detroit after the 1984 Olympics.  He wanted 2 of my other clients, Olympic boxers Virgil Hill and Henry Tillman, to consider joining the Kronk stable. Ironically, the visit came during the 1984 World Series in Detroit.

            Of course, we had to pay a visit to Kronk headquarters.  While there, I picked up a copy of the Kronk magazine.   I still recall the pride that flushed through me when I saw my name listed as “Legal Counsel” for Kronk in the magazine.  It motivated me to continue emphasizing boxing in my law practice. 

            I especially remember wonderful social times with Manny in Las Vegas, Phoenix, New York, and Detroit.  Sometimes our mutual friend, Jay Larkin of Showtime Boxing, would join us.  Jay passed away recently.

            While the boxing world mourns Emanuel Steward, I will truly miss him.  He was a true friend and inspiration.