Emanuel Steward

            This last week was not a good week for the City of Detroit.  Their baseball team, the Detroit Tigers, were swept at home in the World Series.  But Detroit suffered a far greater loss on Thursday, when native son and ambassador for the Motor City, Emanuel Steward, passed away.              “Manny” was one of the greatest boxing … [Read more...]

The Suspension of A.J. Allmendinger

When an athlete is suspended from his sport, there usually are tell tale signs before the offending act. The news about A.J. Allmendinger’s suspension did not come as a complete shock. AJ’s predecessor in the No. 22 at Penske was Kurt Busch. His problems over the last year have been well documented, but Kurt’s problems were well known before the … [Read more...]

Fight Night: Tito Ortiz

I watched the UFC main events on Saturday night. I thought Tito Ortiz fought well and was disappointed when he wasn’t announced as the winner. Tito Ortiz was part of our group that went to the 2011 Indianapolis 500. He was down to earth and easy to talk to. I enjoyed hanging out with him at some of the parties we went to together. Because of how … [Read more...]

RIP to Friends and Clients

by: Marc Risman This past week, we celebrated the birth of the USA on the 4th of July. I enjoyed several fireworks displays, played golf, and learned to paddle board. But July also marks the beginning of the second half of the year. So, at this time, I’d like to recap some of the events of the first half of the year and memorialize some good … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Review Journal about Marc Risman

By John G. Edwards - Copyright © Las Vegas Review-Journal When Marc Risman was a fifth-grade student in Los Angeles, he got into a fight that changed his life. It was the first in a series of chance encounters and events that Risman turned into a career. Today, the Las Vegas attorney represents nationally famous entertainers and pro athletes. He … [Read more...]

Super Lawyers

The Nevada Business Journal featured Marc as one of it's Super Lawyers. by Nancy E. Lowe Nevada Business Journal is proud to announce the results of its Nevada Super Lawyers survey. Attorneys throughout the state were asked to vote for the best lawyers in 16 different areas of specialty. The winners were then determined by the number of votes … [Read more...]

Roger Clemens

All eyes are on Roger Clemens today as his trial began in Washington, D.C.  This post will not go into the facts or legal arguments surrounding this trial.  This post is about my personal knowledge of what Roger Clemens is doing in the middle of one of the most stressful periods of his life.  The trail will be in recess, for approximately one … [Read more...]